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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

From the Memory Box - "Books"

"You have to read one good-for-you book every time you go the library."
Once a week, I would load all the children into the car and we would go to the library. I put a limit on the number of books they could check out, 10 each, and they would push the limit every time. Silence reigned as we drove home. The children were engrossed in the books they had checked out. I would already be worrying about keeping the books accounted for so we could return them promptly and not have to pay a fine. That was a lot of books to keep an eye on!

As we pulled into the drive at home, the children would complain that they had almost finished reading everything they had checked out. Suggestions that they should up their reading levels fell on deaf ears. Finally, I refused to take them to the library unless they got at least one good-for-you book. At least one had to address a subject that had some substance to it, was hard enough to read that it took longer than a 30 minute ride from the library, and presented enough challenge to keep them occupied for a while.

There were some perfunctory complaints, especially from DS who was in a reading competition at school when he was in first grade.
"All the other kids get to read books that have 1-2 words or even no words on a page. Why can't I?" he complained.
"Everyone has his own abilities and I know you can do better," I pointed out.
He redoubled his efforts and won first place, having read some 200 books in the allotted time period. When his teacher asked what he wanted for a prize, he never missed a beat...."Money," he told her.

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  1. His priorities were in the right direction, weren't they?


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