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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Promises, Promises

We are about to set a new record in Central Texas. We have had 65 days of temperatures in the triple digits. It is not a record I want to see set this year, or ever.

Today, the skies were dark, there was thunder, and the lights flickered. I know that was rain somewhere in the area just teasing us here. When I stepped out to gather the mail, a gentle breeze whispered around the corner. It felt like the air from an oven just cooling down after a baking session. Not much to stir hope for the Fall, but every little bit helps.

Maybe the next promise will deliver rain....a cool front....relief.....

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  1. Your DH always told us to never come to Texas during the summer and this year he was more than correct. Of course we have been devoid of our minimal rains for several years now and must depend on water restrictions to remain here.


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