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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Home Alone.....

All the hearts are settled in Colorado, settled as they can be.

My heart just melted when I put Abs on the plane Saturday, after all she had been my constant companion for the last six weeks. Seeing the world through her eyes gave me a new perspective. I also have a new perspective on her world and the challenges she faces. No, I don't have any answers and I am not always full of patience for her antics, but she just brings such life to this world.

I goofed when I left packing Abs' bags until the last day. I had thought she would be anxious without her accoutrements, so I waited. The good thing was that her cousins, Chas. & D.A. were over for the day and served as a distraction while I packed things up. Abs could check two items and have a bag to carry on. First, I told her that the oversize dinosaurs would each require a seat on the airplane, so they would have to stay here until they could be delivered. Then I told her to bring all her things, including those left behind by other family members, so I could pack them.
The three children made several trips to pile my bed high with all the possibilities.... was an overwhelming task. Finally, I packed the suitcase to sitonthetopandzipitup and stuffed a large box with everything else I could fit in. The bicycle pump, petrified rocks (legally acquired), plethora of books, and sundry other treasures will have to wait. I have a sinking feeling that much of it will be waiting until they move back to Texas.

The children are like little puppies. I think they all roll in the dirt as soon as I let them out the door to play. I gave Abs a quick bath, did her hair, and she dressed for her trip. We had made a quick jacket since she was leaving the 100 degree weather of Texas and heading into the 40-50-60 degree weather of Colorado. Whatever the temperature there, she was sure to feel cold.

I had been explaining everything Abs might encounter on an airplane from air pockets to oxygen, and reminded her that the pilots were professional and she could ask the flight attendants about anything she might not understand. she was very confident, but subdued. She asked a ton of questions at the airport. She had a bad case of the "What ifs...." for a while, a trait inherited from her mother. Fortunately, she stood quietly while I signed her in. She asked questions the rest of the time....
"What is that thing moving in the back?"
"The conveyor belt for your bags," I answered. That led to a flood of inquiries on her quest for information.
"Where does it go?
"Does it make a loop?"
"How will my bags get off?"
"How will they know which airplane to put them on?"
"What if they get lost?"
"Why do we have to prove who we are?"
"Why do I have to pull my shoes off? No one could possibly hide anything in their shoes!"
"What does that machine do?"
"Will it X-ray my bones?"
On and on, right up to boarding time. Then Abs became very quiet and hugged herself to my leg as if she could never be pulled away. Only the thought of her family waiting for her in Colorado, moved her to board the plane. One small girl carrying two bags filled with dinosaur books, colors, reading material, beading materials, and her supper - peanut butter sandwich, grapes, 2 oreos, dried cherries and raisins.
"I am a little scared," she admitted at the last minute.
There were a half dozen unaccompanied minors travelling on this flight, all older and appearing more experienced. Thankfully, a mature young lady about 12 years old, stopped at the gate and took Abs under her wing. Abs never looked back. She was off an a new adventure.

The house is very quiet now. I am not yet accustomed to the fact that there is no one else here and that "quiet" does not mean someone is into something. I have not had to fish Q-tips out of the toilet. I do need to buy some eye shadow since the last lot was turned from caked into powdered, but it had been cleaned up and that shows progress. The TV does not blare cartoons when I turn it on and there is not a trail of clothes and towels leading to and / or from the bathroom. When I put something down, it will still be there when I the same the same condition. I am home alone....for a while.....


  1. Awwwww......I can send Junior for a few weeks until we get settled in? How does that sound? Could you potty train him too? Just maintain a steady supply of string cheese and the boy will be happy!

  2. Lets just hope that all turns out OK with the move but then things seem to work themselves out in the long run.

  3. Gypsy, what a great job you have done writing about your adventures, including this last one. I'm right there with you! I totally understand getting frustrated with our grandchildren, but like you said, we forget the bad parts because the good parts are so good.... I also know what you mean about the quiet. It's never so quiet as when the family has left leaving you feeling bittersweet but content. I am so happy for you and for your granddaughter. What a summer you have both had!


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