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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Thoughts....

We have had a few drops of rain here and it has cooled off....well, "cool" is relative.
Now guess what HEB has on sale....FIREWOOD! and we aren't even allowed to have open fires.

For several years I have attempted to view the wonderful meteor showers that should be appearing every August around this time. I never have any luck. I stood out in the backyard, in my jammies, staring intently at the eastern sky for about 15 minutes. The mosquitoes found me and I gave up. I did not see one "falling star."

Thank goodness for Jazzercise! I have to psych myself up to get out and get there, but I always love it after I arrive. Still walking 2-3 miles most mornings. Need to start riding my bike to prepare for my biking trip. I'll never be a triathlete like the rest of my family.

I have some good ideas for Christmas presents for the children this year. Hope I have enough time.

ChaMo went to a vocal workshop with me Wednesday. He has such a good voice and he is growing up too quickly. I am sure these years will go quickly. He and Em will both be in 6th grade. ChaMo is taking drama and Em is taking French.

I so dislike seeing people chew gum when they are speaking to a group. Did you see the guy on "America's got Talent"? He was voted off. I wonder if others were repulsed by it as well. The next day, I sat through a meeting where the leader of the group led the whole meeting while chewing her gum. I just couldn't concentrate on what she was saying. I kept thinking she should tuck it into a hole in her tooth until the meeting was adjourned. I wonder if this means I am getting "crotchety."

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  1. It's like people that eat with their mouth open and drooling food.


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