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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Life's Unforgettable Moments

DDKr, D.A., and I went to ChaMo's play this morning at the Palace Theater in Georgetown, Texas. ChaMo was a narrator and did an awesome job. He had a multitude of lines to remember and that job was interspersed with his role as a rat. Well, it was the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin after all. He has been in acting camp all summer and his roles varied from a talking head to Prince Charming.

Kr went to a meeting afterward and I get to keep the boys overnight. It was not too hard to entertain them. We went to SAM's to pick up some things I need for tomorrow and grazed on samples throughout the store. Funny, I think the samples always taste better than the product does when you fix it at home. Perhaps hunger makes a tiny taste seem gourmet.

We got a huge pepperoni pizza for lunch (less than $7.00) and there is a lot left for tomorrow. We cooked it at home and it was pretty good. The boys spent the afternoon playing with Legos and Connectix (or some such). It is amazing how everything turns into a sword, or a weapon of some kind. They were quite creative!

After grilling some funny-cut "ribs" for supper, we headed back to the Palace Theater for an evening show put on by the teen group. Thirty-two teens had been working for four weeks on a "junior" version of Guys and Dolls. The term "junior" just means it is a shortened version. There were only 2 boys in the group and the roles called for mostly boys, so the girls stepped right up to the plate and did what they were supposed to do - ACTED in the boys' roles. They were all awesome. I am always amazed at the talent in this small town and the talent of the staff that brings it all to fruition.

It was indeed a memorable night and for one young (12 year old) girl, a night that will be recounted for years to come. She was dressed in a knee-length bridal outfit and had just come on stage in celebratory fashion. The cast was strung across the stage getting ready to burst into song and dance, when the girl looked down and saw her skirt puddled around her ankles. Her reaction was priceless - a most surprised face. She was carrying a large bouquet with one arm and could not reach down to pick up her skirt. Thank goodness she had on a slip. Girl #2, standing next to her, picked the skirt up and attempted to fasten it somehow while girl #1 went bravely on with her speech and song. Holding her bouquet in her right arm, gathering her skirt top around her with her left hand, and traipsing around the stage to fulfill her role, girl #1 finished the remainder of the scene without missing a beat. What a triumph for her! Meeting and overcoming an unexpected challenge will have far reaching consequences, especially for the girl, but also for everyone who witnessed it.

Yep! Live theater beats movies any day.

I am reminded of a similar occasion when DDKr (15 years old at the time) was leading part of the opening ceremonies at a National GS convention in Houston, Texas. She had been through several practices and each time changes had been made. When the time came, she inadvertently asked the 20,000+ people to stand. About half those present stood, but the rest remained seated knowing the timing was off - 10,000 standing, 10,000 sitting. I sat in the convention hall wondering what DD would do and if she were panicking and what was going to happen. The program moved on and a minute later, when we were expected to stand, this amazingly calm young woman spoke clearly to the group, "NOW, will everyone please stand," and gave them a big smile. Amid the appreciative laughter, I could hear the people around me finally exhale.

Girl Scouts, theater, school - every child deserves a safe place to fall down, pick themselves up, and know they have support to continue their journey to success.

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