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Saturday, October 6, 2007

An Apple a Day Keeps

I went shopping for apples in Watsonville, California. No, not today, I did it on my trip West when I was passing through the area. i bought 2 bags of mixed varieties for Uncle Dan and his clan and a 1/2 box of Pippins for my use. I guess a box is equal to a bushel which is what we always bought when we passed through and it was too much. This time I thought I was safe with 1/2 of the previous order. Gizdich Ranch has some of the freshest apples around and you can pick them yourself. I didn't have time, so I bought some picked that morning and packed in a box. They stayed pretty fresh considering I was still a little more than a week away from home, but you can count on that with Pippins.

My family snacked on the fresh, crisp Pippins until today. I had noticed that they were beginning to turn a lovely yellow from the standard green and a few were getting soft. It was time to cook all that were left. I made an awesome apple pie with crumb crust which was the preferred dessert this evening. GD#1's birthday cake was a second fiddle. The remainder of the apples went into the pan to make applesauce. I was grateful for SIL C's help to peel the mass of remaining apples. I am not sure if he were having fun or if he just felt sorry for me.

I have one of those apple peeler /slicer / corers but I had accidentally dropped it and one part was bent. C fixed it, then tried it out. He thought it was fun at first, but stayed the course and helped get all the apples peeled and sliced. Cooking them up was a cinch once he had done the hard part, but even that was made easy by the apple contraption. There was plenty of apple sauce to share with everyone.

I bought my apple contraption some time ago at the local grocery store for $10.00. I din't expect much for that price, so I was pleasantly surprised that it actually worked...peeled, cored, and sliced the apples. While in Watsonville, I priced one at the apple place and was told it was $29.95. Wow! Mine was a bargain and it works just fine!


  1. We shared with D#1 for a pie and I ate the remainder. My Bro and I used to raid the Pippen apple trees after the pickers had gone through. They always left the small and very large apples. Fresh Pippen's have a snap when you bite into them. Warm pie sounds good to me also. Pippen's are usually picked in September and released for sale in October, unless they are cold storage apples, you know the mealy kind.

  2. Mmmm. Apples.


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