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Friday, October 19, 2007


I have written some wonderful things!

Unfortunately, those "writings" never made it to paper. The things I write in my mind seem to be so much better than the ones I put on paper, but the ones on paper last longer. So thank goodness for writing groups.

The regular group I write with fits like a comfortable old shoe. We have been together a long time and shared so much of our lives that we seem to have few secrets left. We all scurry to plan our schedules around our writing meetings and our facilitator struggles to find subjects we have not previously covered. Still, we look forward to these therapeutic meetings and always find more stories to write. Our focus is producing stories for our families and future generations.

I met with a new group yesterday and found a different perspective. "New" is difficult. It is a breaking-in period where we dance around our introductions to one another, define our goals, and become familiar with different writing styles. It is an interesting, well-traveled group with members who write extremely well. Several are published authors and, although not their main focus, have an interest in publishing in the future.

I am inspired and encouraged by both groups. I share the interests of both groups. It has been a week full of writing and I am replete. Today I will fulfill my need to work with my hands so I will go to a Linus Quilt workday. Do you know about Linus Quilts? I will explain later.......


  1. I don't know about Linus Quilts, but maybe Baby K wants one.

  2. I think you can include yourself in the "write extremely well" category. The "new" group will grow with you as a member just as you will from them.


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