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Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's in the Mail!

My DNA is in the mail!

It was an easy thing to do. Open the package, fill in the paperwork - name, address, etc, sign and get a witness to sign - Then open the vial of mouth wash and swish for 45 seconds. Spit the mouthwash, slowly, back into the cup, put the lid on tightly and place the cup in the plastic bag. All the instructions are there, everything you need is included, and there is no cost. Even children ages 7 and up can participate.
The hardest things to do:

  • Open the box - open carefully because you re-use it to send the information back to them. It is already stamped and addressed. It weighs only 3 ounces so it doesn't have to go to the postal desk.
  • Find a witness - most won't have a problem with this. I had to go out in the yard and get my neighbor, who was working in the garden, to witness my signature.
  • Fill in the genealogical chart - not really that hard if you know your name, your parent's names, your grandparent's names, and gr-grandparent's names - 4 generations. If you don't have your gr-grandparent's info, get your child to swish and document through your grandparents or contact the genealogist in your family.
  • Hold the mouthwash in mouth for 45 seconds. It reminded me of the Listerene commercial.
  • Fill everything out before swishing. It must be in the mail within 24 hours after the sample collection.
  • Wait a year or more to find out about any possible connections.

You can order several of these kits if you need them. What a great family reunion project or to use at your genealogy meeting!


  1. Oh I can see where this is leading. I guess you will order a packet of 14? Better add it to the flowchart!

  2. The family that swishes together stays together?


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