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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Morning Has Broken.....

Four of us went walking this morning. It is an unwritten rule that we walk as long as at least two of us show up, taking about 45 minutes to cover 2 1/2 miles. During that time, we solve world problems, catch up on families, exchange ideas and hints, give verbal book reviews, and just mutually support each other.

At the end of our walk, after everyone had scattered to their own homes, my neighbor and I were the last to arrive at our destinations. We were greeted by a neighborhood couple who was just getting everything packed into the car for a journey. Our new group of four, chatted about the weather, the roads to be travelled, offered any assistance with plants, mail, etc., and exchanged pertinent information about our activities.

The world is so alive early in the morning. The stars seem within reach in the dark morning sky, the planet Venus outshining them all. We have few street lights, a conscious decision made by our City Council to keep visual pollution to a minimum. City sounds are absorbed by the abundance of greenbelts, leaving only the call of birds awakening to the morning and the occasional chattering of a squirrel. The four of us depart for our various activities just as the glorious colors of sunrise appear on the Eastern horizon. It is just after 7 a.m. and the day lies ahead of us. Such is life in Sun City Texas.


  1. Such a visual picture ones mind can make of this.

  2. Ah, wish I could be there! It sounds wonderful, especially as described so eloquently. There is nothing like morning--the sunrise, the freshness....


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