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Monday, October 1, 2007

Are You Going to the County Fair?

Some interesting photos from the Santa Cruz, California, County Fair, being held in Watsonville, CA. September seems to be the month for County Fairs which were happening in several areas on my most recent trip West. They were all characterized by a wonderful small-town atmosphere. I attended this one in Watsonville on the first day. People began pouring in after work on Friday. Many were checking the awards and pulling out their cell phones to excitedly call friends and family and share the news. In my book, they are all winners for completing their tasks and entering the competition.
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  1. We also have attended many small county fairs in our years of camping through out the SW and loved every minute of it. The locals were so enjoyable and their crafts were outstanding, and that includes the pies, cakes, canned foods, etc.


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