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Friday, February 15, 2008

From the Memory Box - Pillbugs

I did write a well-thought out post yesterday but somehow it disappeared into cyberspace. it had a photo and everything. I am not too keen on repeating my efforts from scratch, so it may be awhile before I attempt that subject again.

Meanwhile, here's another thought from The Memory Box:

One day we collected tons of pill bugs and built a maze out of Legos with ham as a reward and tried to train the pillbugs to complete the maze.

I think they gave up on training pillbugs, but since they were plentiful, the children played with them a lot. One day DD was holding one in her hand and called our attention to it. The pillbug was walking along the palm of her hand leaving a trail of translucent babies in her wake.

Yes, it amazing what children dream up when they are not allowed to sit in front of the T.V. Our children came up with several different "experiments." I observed DS coming to the front door several times each day and lifting the outside doormat.
"What are you doing? I finally asked him.
"Looking for bugs, " he told me nonchalantly.
"Well, why do you look so many times each day?"
"There is always something new," he explained.

Besides the pill bugs in the maze, there was the incident in the bathroom. I smelled a terrible odor but could not find the source. Several days later the odor was even stronger so I took everything out of the cupboards. Way in the back I found a bowl with molding navy beans. I called a conference.
"Where did these beans come from and why are they here?" I demanded.
"We were doing an experiment," the children explained.
"Why did you leave the beans in the cupboard?"
"Because the experiment didn't work," they explained with great logic.

Such was life in the household. One experiment was "cooking macaroni" with hot water out of the tap. I found that one in the bathroom cupboard as well.Then there were the snakes, but I will leave that for another time.....

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  1. I remember our two D#1's made a concoction in our bathroom and we had a blue stain on the counter top for years. Never did learn what was used or why.


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