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Monday, February 4, 2008

Learning about Lolita

ABW's Friend wrote today about beds made for six year old girls. The beds are named "Lolita Beds."

I would venture to guess that the Brits' lack of information on Lolita was directly associated with censorship. I have never read the book, or seen the movie, about Lolita, but I have seen enough news stories to know what it is about. When we lived in Australia, "Portnoy's Complaint" was banned. Even though I had never had the desire to read, or had even heard of, the book, I couldn't wait to buy it and read it when we vacationed in the outside world. It was not something I ever would have sought out otherwise.

I think the U.K. does a better job of allowing their children to be children, well-behaved children. Maybe there is something to be said for, .....loss of our Freedom of Speech would be too high a price to pay.

The sad thing about the suggestive clothes and styles for children these days, is that there would not be a market for them if the parents just refused to buy. Why are young children even familiar with "worldly ways"?
Turn off the T.V.!
Monitor their reading and their friends!
Say "NO!" to inappropriate behavior / media / language.
Model appropriate behavior / morals / principles / language.
Make children responsible for their actions and discuss the results, good and bad, with them.
Spend quality time with your children so you know what is going on in their minds,
I guess the fact that we seldom hear of a little girl being named Lolita, is a good thing.

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