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Friday, February 22, 2008

A Night Out

I had a big night out tonight in Jonah, Texas. Friends and I attended the annual chili bash to benefit the old school in Jonah. The school was built in 1921, but has been used for various purposes since it was closed to student education. Now the school rooms are rented to various people / organizations and the annual bash helps rehab the old building.

A delicious, but mild chili was served accompanied by rice, cornbread muffins, crackers, and small packages of Fritos. This chili was full of meat, but beans were available to top it off. Sliced jalapenos, chopped onions, and grated cheese were also available as toppings. Water, coffee, iced tea, brownies, and banana pudding were served.

The real fun was in the surroundings and the people in this town with a population of 60. A Czech band provided music and several couples looked very much at home dancing to one side of the long tables set up in the auditorium. The rest of us tapped our toes, clapped our hands, and occasionally sang along to the traditional style music provided by 2 guitars, 2 accordions, and a keyboard.

We arrived early, but I had the distinct impression the party was just getting started when we left. What a great group of people in a really small town. If you ever visit, be sure not to miss the "Jonah Maul[sic]."

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