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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Words for the Photos - Pristina, Kosovo, 1999

Kosovo's ethnic Albanian leadership declared independence after internationally mediated talks with Serbian negotiators on the province's future fell apart last year. Kosovo, where the population of 2 million is more than 90 percent ethnic Albanian, insisted on statehood. Serbia, which considers Kosovo the ancient cradle of the Serbian state and religion, pushed for wide autonomy. Kosovo has been governed since 1999 by the U.N. and policed by more than 16,000 NATO troops since NATO launched air strikes to stop a Serbian crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatists.

Independence for Kosovo!

The photos for Wordless Wednesday are a few of the many I took when I visited Pristina, Kosova, in 1999. The city was still recovering from the recent bombing, but I did not have a feeling of insecurity as I walked about the city alone. The only warning I had received was not to be out after dark.

Back in Skopje, Macedonia, I received a concerned phone call from DH back in the States. The War Memorial in the Plaza in Pristina, had been bombed. I had stood in that very spot the day before. I don't even have any photos of the Memorial itself, because it was overgrown and not particularly interesting at the time.

I am thankful the people of Kosovo have an opportunity to be free. I heard so many stories while I was there. I don't know how they can live together in peace as long as there are people who agitate and refuse to allow everyone a voice. Please pray for the people of Kosovo.

Two groups of young boys in Pristina, One group playing with toy(?) guns. The other had been playing in the woods, gathering berries. The first group tried to hide the guns and watched me sheepishly. The other group, clowned for the camera and offered me berries.


  1. Wonderful Photos for Wordless Wednesday. I wish everyone well in Kosovo, and freedom soon!

  2. What a difference in the boys.

  3. Your photographs of the children are very nice. Interesting post.


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