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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Life in the Back Seat with K & L

Need a laugh? There is always one available from children.....

My 3 year-old grandson, L, and his 1 year-old sister, K, were being driven home from their morning activity by their dad. K, in the back seat with her brother, was crying and inconsolable all the way home. L has been taught to reason things out and approach problems creatively.

L: "Why won't she stop crying, Dad?"
Dad: "Because she is hungry."
L: "Well, let's feed her."
Dad: "We don't have anything to feed her right now, but we will get her something as soon as we get home."
L: "She needs something right now."
Dad: "I know, but we don't have anything and we are almost home."
L: "Well. I can find something!"

L proceeded to put his finger up his nose and pull out a big booger. Fortunately, although he tried very hard, he could not reach K. Dad went from horrified to relieved to doubled over in laughter.

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