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Thursday, February 7, 2008


I have had to delete a much-loved blog from my list. Sendai-Shi was taken off the net by its owner, Abe Lincoln. No, I am not making this up, his name really is Abe Lincoln. Sendai-Shi Blog was a wonderful stroll back in time. Although it is a small town in Japan, it reminded me of a similar time in Okinawa. The photos were great! Add to that the fact that they were taken by Mr. Lincoln when he was yet a young man stationed near Sendai. When a young man spends his time taking photos while he is stationed in a foreign land, rather than just carousing around, it shows a definite strength of character. Of course, he indicates in his stories that he was not immune to a bit of carousing.

So, the bad news is that Sendai Blog has been deleted from the list. The good news is that I have added another of Abe Lincoln's blogs, Brookville Daily Photo, in its place. Take a moment to visit and enjoy the magnificient photos, memoirs, and a little home-spun philosophy thrown in for free. Leave a little comment for Mr. Lincoln and let him know what you think.

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  1. Believe it or not, I didn't want to take the site down but it was the lack of visitors to it that made me stop and think about the time I was spending on it and the results I was getting.

    I just had email this morning from Carl Boberg who was there when I was and whose photos was also on my site. He regrets it is down too.

    However, that was then and this is now. I was young then 18-21 years of age. I did spend a lot of time taking photos. Most all of them are housed in the Sendai City Museum of History and Folklore in Sendai where they are available to anyone, scholars and students alike, who need information about the period of time known as "reconstruction" that I happened to photograph and didn't know it.

    I am really flattered to read what you have posted about me. I am now an old man and my enjoyment at this point is my digital photography and some writing that I do for newspapers and magazines. And my wife of over 52 years, Patty.

    You have one of my blogs linked and I am thankful for that. There is also my birds blog which is nothing but birds that I photograph here in my back yard. It is called

    And there is another one that has some of my photos as well as my writing. It is called if you are interested.

    Thanks again.

    Abraham Lincoln


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