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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Is Christmas over for you? Well, it is just getting off to a good start at my casa.
DD-Ki, Lem, and Ky are arriving this afternoon. Lem usually orders a brown or a blue plane without much success. Everyone will gather after church tomorrow for our Christmas celebration, complete with turkey dinner. Everyone else may be sick of turkey, but I have been waiting for this moment. Meanwhile, I have a reprieve and a little more time to finish the projects I have been working on. The sewing machine has been going hot and heavy, and I hope to have most of the baking done so we can eat fairly early.
I have been strangely disturbed these past few weeks and wondered why. Then it struck me, this has been my first Christmas at home since DH died. It has been rougher than I anticipated. In fact, it took a while to realize the source of my inner turmoil. Our family went to the beach the first year and met in St. Louis last year. This year I had to share my family with other people. Now I know what to expect, I can plan accordingly. It always helps to have a plan to follow and an alternate one in your back pocket.

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  1. If there is ever another Christmas alone, you can always come out here., one more plate on the turkey plate is easy to take care of.

  2. I wasn't really alone. I visited with DD-Ko and the 3 little H's,

  3. We miss him too....


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