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Friday, December 5, 2008

Keeping up With the Neighbor

Last year, while my neighbor's children were visiting her over the Thanksgiving holidays, they put up all her Christmas decorations. When they left, she was ready for Christmas. Of course, I mentioned this in passing to my own children and their competitive spirits kicked in immediately. They put everything up for me and I gave them free rein. Happily, they were all into it again this year!
The front porch has swags and posts hung with lighted garlands. My bushes are covered by nets of lights. A wreath, made by my mother several years ago, hangs on the front door. I keep thinking I will replace it but it reminds me of some good times. (Thank you, Mother!) A (battery operated) candle burns in the window for Gunner.
DD-Ki, L, and Ky, helped put up the Christmas tree. Several years ago, I bought a tree that has lights already threaded onto its branches and I have never regretted it. No more hours spent untangling lights and checking to see which one is keeping the entire string from working. Those frustrating hours of togetherness are replaced by a more positive atmosphere. L & Ky hung all the non-breakables on the branches as high as they could reach, and helped drape tinsel over the tree. The tinsel covers the bare spots, hanging from the lower branches in happy little clumps.
The tree lacks a decorator's skill and expertise, but almost all the ornaments have a story behind them. DH and I decided many years ago to collect items for ornaments instead of other dust-catchers. As I free each piece from its protective wrapping, I tell the children the story behind it.
It is only fair that I share my loved ones with the other sides of the families, but I will be looking forward to our own celebration when almost all gather here on the 28th.
Then they can take everything down and put it all away. Maybe we can set a precedent for my neighbor.


  1. It's only what you deserve after years of you two doing for them. We also have an artificial tree after years of having a real one and decorating it for a short time and then taking everything down and storing it for another year. Now we have boxes of ornaments in the closet that are not even brought out. As usual the two of us will have Ka. for a while before we go to Ke's, if all goes as usual.

  2. Kr did all of the work this year! I only provided a little oversight.

  3. We have to take them down? That reminds me of the year you had a tree and decorated it with those light, crispy cookie things that you cook with an iron (can't remember what they are called) and that way you could just toss the whole thing. Then there was the year the fake tree was up into summer....

  4. It was only up until Spring Break. I had gone back to school and it just didn't have priority. Funny, 5 other people walked past it every day and it was only ny reponsibility? I'll have to post my memoir on Christmas trees through the years.....stay tuned.


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