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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh, Deer - Part 2

I got my car back last night, clean as a whistle and completely healed. Express Autobody [free plug] did a great job and stayed late to make sure I got the car.
I was keeping the 3-H's (DD-Ko's 3) overnight and promised them another ride around the neighborhood to ooh and aaah at all the Christmas lights. It was a pleasant outing, heads swiveling to catch all the displays, expressions of delight, and Christmas carols playing on the radio.
It was pleasant until we saw the deer.
"Oh, look! Real deer!" Junior was excited. So was I until I pulled the car around to catch the deer in the headlights. One poor creature was limping very badly. S/he didn't appear to have any problem grazing and watching, but had a real problem when trying to move around.
"It must be the deer that Grandma hit!" they all decided. It was a possibility I did not want to consider.
"I didn't hit the deer; the deer hit me," I reminded them.
"Grandma, you need to get out and see if it is alright." Em was very concerned and my feelings of guilt were doubling by the minute.
"If I were to get out, it would try to run away and be worse off than it is now," I told them.
I eased the car around and quietly pulled away. I did not want to see that deer running. The children were busily emptying buckets of guilt on to my head and were not at all consoled by my pointing out that it might not have been the same deer. Even if it were the same deer, s/he must get around all right since it was 2-3 miles from the site of the accident.
Poor deer. I am so sorry.....


  1. It's funny what is most important to children.

  2. They must get that from their mother. :-)

  3. Hey, hey, hey! What are you trying to say Gunner????


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