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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Texas Weather

The weather in Texas is always a good conversation starter. If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute and it will change.
We have had a glorious week. It has been in the tolerable 70's, except when we walk at 6 AM and the changing of the leaves is a spectacular show of color....reds, yellows, oranges....I know, I know, you Northerners see it every year. Here in Texas we usually get a little red from the sumac, but the changing leaf color is generally green to brown.
Tonight I heard a mysterious rattling noise at different intervals and was worried I might have to deal with a mouse. Even worse, I was worried a squirrel had taken refuge in the attic. It proved to be sleet on the windows. So we have moved from tolerable 70's to 33.8* with a wind chill of 23*. We don't really mind. We can hold up in our warm homes for a day or two, then we will be back to normal. When there is snow, the whole town shuts down. We will back in the 60's on Thursday and we can almost always count on a warm front on Christmas Day.
Eat your hearts out, Yankees!

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  1. We are the same with a lesser degree in the temperatures. I remember as a kid in NoCal, it always rained on Christmas Day, making it hard on our parents to keep us from going out and riding that new bicyclr or playing catch with those new gloves.


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