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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Ornaments - "Ecuador"

These intricate, colorful ornaments are made of bread dough in Ecuador. We have had them for about 40 years. That is an amazing length of time when you consider the number of miles they have traveled and the number of times they have been brought out to grace our Christmas tree. The Indian looking guy is in several items we have from Ecuador, including a carved wooden head. I do not know the history of the Indian image.

I know, the word Indian is not politically correct, but it certainly doesn't seem right to call him a native American when he is from Peru. Does anyone have any ideas?


Uncle Dan,

I have only known them as Quechua Indians, with an Incan heritage. I certainly never saw any dress like this one.

"Those who speak Quechua as their first language are called Quechua Indians by the dominant Spanish-speaking cultures. However, most Quechua speakers, who live in numerous distinct cultural groups, prefer to identify themselves with their Inca heritage. The Quechua refer to themselves as Runa, 'the people'."

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  1. How about Native South American? The word Anasazi is Navajo for Ancient Enemy, except all of the pueblo's were in ruin by the Navajo and Apache emigrated down from Canada. I use the term Native American, Puebloan or Ancient Puebloan Ancestors in the classes I have taught in elementary schools over the years. Squaw is an English term for woman and not appreciated by the natives.

  2. I have not known a native tribe that hasn't referred to themselves as "The People" or some such variation.

  3. If I remember correctly, the Quechua Civilization predated the Inca's in the northern part of Peru and Ecuador, but don't hold me to it.


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