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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Ornaments - "An Angel for Grandpa John"

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This little angel looks mad. but that is just the way she came. I belonged to an club for RNs when we first moved here. Their yearly project was to make and sell angels for Hospice. Each angel had the name of the honored person and hung on the Hospice tree for the Christmas season, then the ornament
was given to the donor.
This one was for Grandpa John. He never had children of his own and was very excited when he married DH's mother and acquired an instant family. We all loved him!
Grandpa John had plenty of stories to tell, but I only got to hear a few. He had a world of experiences including a stint as a boxer (he was known as K.O. Rutherford). John served in WWII as a Radioman and received an injury that ended his military many stories....I'll leave them for another time.....


  1. When Ke was pregnant with C8 and about to give birth and John was near death, I told John that he would have to hold on a couple more days and he would be a Great Grand Father. He must have met her on the way as he didn't make it to her birth day.

  2. I loved hearing Grandpa John tell me about the date he had -- they went to dinner and he had no money so he politely excused himself, went to the restroom, and climbed out the window and left. For some reason he never got a second date with that girl...

  3. You are right, he did not date her again. They did see each other on different occasions, it was a small town, but neither of them ever mentioned the "big date." He wouldn't get away with something like that in this day and age, but even though he was apologetic, he still thought it was really funny.


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