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Monday, January 14, 2008

From the Memory Box - Cowboys & Indians

I drew another memory from the Memory Box today.....

"Remember when (DS) would play cowboys and Indians with (a neighbor boy)? he would let us play and promptly tie us up. You would say 'DS, UNTIE YOUR SISTERS!'"
DS has always been quiet and steady. He learned early how to get others to do what he wanted without too much fuss. I think one reason was that he waited until it really mattered to him or else he made sure it really mattered to the other person. DDs #2 & 3 were always begging him to play with them. Eventually he would give in, but it would not be the game of their choosing, or if it were the game of their choosing, he would change the rules drastically.

Playing cowboys and Indians is a case in point. The boys were about 5 years older than the little girls. I would hear the commotion outside as the girls harassed the boys and interrupted their games. I didn't think too much about it when the sounds changed to girls on one side of the house and the boys mysteriously silent, but I went out to check anyway. I found the girls tied to the poles of the swing set and the boys nowhere in sight. That is when I yelled to DS to "UNTIE YOUR SISTERS!"
"But the Indians tie people to the stake!" everyone protested. The girls were just happy to be included.

Years later, DS' persuasive skills which had been so carefully honed as he played with his sisters, stood him in good stead when he worked as a bouncer at the Driskill Hotel. A man well on the way to complete inebriation, was causing quite a ruckus. DS confronted the man and asked him to leave.
"You wanna' make me?" the man asked, his speech slurred by too many tips of the glass.
"Hey, you wanna' fight, man?" DS questioned aggressively.
"Shure, come on, mishx it up," the man replied, attempting to stand without falling.
"Well, let's just step outside," DS goaded.
The man staggered out the front door, followed by DS. As the man reached the sidewalk in front of the Hotel, DS stood in the doorway.
"Go home. Don't come back in." DS told him calmly.


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