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Friday, January 11, 2008

A Trip to the Dentist

I had an appointment with the dentist last week. My early dental experiences were less than favorable, so this prospect was not a pleasant thought. "In the old days" when I had a tooth filled, there was sure to be pain. The dentist did his best, but there was not only pain, there was the drilling vibration and pressure, inducing a feeling of absolute terror and helplessness. I don't know how long it takes to forget those times.

My current dentist, Dr. Albert Fasti, is a marvel of solicitude and pain-free dentistry and has been for the time I have been seeing him - over 30 years. He has all the latest toys and knows how to use them wisely. First he numbs the gum with some anesthetic on cotton so he can inject the Novocaine into the nerve. The injection is through a long thin wire and is controlled by a computer. When the computer senses the medication is backing up, it stops until more is needed. This is a painless procedure. A small timer sounds at each step of the procedure, indicating that everything can be timed individually. He never asks, "Are you numb yet?" The onset of numbness is expected at a certain time. After the filling is placed, a laser beam "sets" the substance. When finished, the tooth is intact, set, and ready to perform its function. It takes longer for the Novocaine to wear off than it did for the entire procedure.

DD#2 LOVES to go to the dentist. That is a tribute to the care she has received over the years. I don't quite feel that way, but I am learning not to dread it. I wonder why he always has fresh-baked cookies in his waiting room?

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  1. I don't go for much of the pain killers now, just drill and get it over with.

    Our Mom was afraid of dentists, (until she got into her 50's), as her Dad would do all of the kids dental work with a set of pliers.


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