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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Memory Box - "Lunch Out"

From the Memory Box today:

"Remember when you took DD#3 to Swenson's for a sundae after gymnastics? The waitress gave her 7 gumballs!"

I do remember taking her there several times after gymnastics every week. In fact we went so often that the waitress knew us. I don't remember the 7 gumballs but DD#3 was a picky eater and she loved Swenson's grilled cheese. I think she might have gotten a small sundae with the child's meal. A small sundae.


  1. Maybe DD#3 is still eating ice cream as their blog gets addressed about once a month.

  2. I remember we always got icees from the 7-11 too.

  3. I got 3 gumballs each week and 7 on my birthday!

  4. I got bananas and apples from the fruit stand at home and the occasional healthy cookie or a decadent brownie! Things got good after I left;)


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