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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quilt Camp

I am back to the real world after going to "Quilt Camp."
It was held in the appropriately named town of Mt. Calm at the Compass Center. Despite the wind that heralded a cold front and and the dark and stormy night, it was a wonderfully relaxing few days.

"What in the world do you do at Quilt Camp?" a friend asked.

"Just eat, sleep, and sew!" I answered.

Most of the 29 participants were more organized than I and arrived a day earlier, but I did accomplish a few things - I made a Linus quilt, quilted a finished project I had been putting off,

learned to make blocks by machine for a Cathedral Window quilt, talked, ate, laughed, read, slept in, and socialized. Pretty much the same things most kids do at camp, we are just a few years older.

We have a delightful group of women who attend. There is a mixture of personalities and expertise. Everyone willing to share - snacks, thread, patterns, fabric, ideas, opinions, tips, and anything else that is needed. There is a feeling of sisterhood among the participants that is deliberately fostered. From beginner to prize winner, each person is part of the group as we share stories, discuss options, and listen reflectively, support for the many life changes we share.
We sleep on comfortable beds covered with handmade quilts and peer through windows covered with quilted Roman shades. We have two large tables each, plenty of plugs, reasonably priced essentials just in case we have forgotten something, and meals provided.
What a joy to hear someone announce the food is ready and know they will clean up so we can return to our sewing machines. Delicious food - tamales from a special maker, fat hot dogs made from 100% pure black Angus beef, fork-tender ribs, salads, baked potatoes, and desserts to top it off.
We have our dates for the next two camps and are angling for another. The spaces are almost full and I am on the list!


  1. You deserved the time off after all that you have done since the last camp.

  2. I know that the photographs are yours but haw about the quilt work?

  3. They are all beautiful, but I love the color combinations on the one with the antique cars.

  4. These look similar to the ones I make, lol! Oh well, I will keep trying.

  5. Hi. I read ABW regularly and come over here sometimes. I was glad to hear that you made a Linus Blanket. We have 2 that were given to my oldes during stays at Texas children's.

    Krista Johnson (Wilson)
    {Susan Wilson's daughter}


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