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Friday, January 18, 2008

Memory Box - Leather Crafting

Pulled from the Memory Box today:

"I remember when we had Close Encounters at (our Elementary School) and you came and taught leather crafting. I took your class and who knows what I made, but I was so excited to have my mom there teaching a class!"

Maybe that is what that little coaster is that has been lying around the house all these years! I don't remember teaching the class and can't imagine why I even thought of doing that. Maybe because I found a bunch of leather work tools and scrap leather at a garage sale?

My dad used to "tool" leather and made some some beautiful things. I watched him a lot, so maybe that is why I considered myself knowledgeable enough to "teach" children. Anyway, it had the desired effect - made my children "proud" of me. Of course, by the time everything I did embarrassed them, they had forgotten how proud they had been at one time. That's o.k. History is repeating itself...:)

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  1. For many years we took our kits traipsing across the Southwest, visiting ruins and reservations. They complained but within the past 10 years they have commented on all of the information they gathered about ancient people, must have been by osmosis. Now the next generation want us to take them out camping at places their parents went but I don't think I could either get into a tent or get out of it without a lot of help.


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