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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dating Vintage Car

I am still trying to date the car in my last post. Now I have a starting point. I believe it must date between 1920 - 1922 based on photos I found on the Internet. Since my photo does not show the whole car and it is not very clear, this might be as close as I can date it.

Top photo is of a 1920 Model T Touring Car and the bottom one is a 1922 Model T Touring Car. These photos are borrowed from Hubcapcafe - just giving credit.

Thank you all for the tips!

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  2. The old car on the left of the top picture has a "rumble seat" open. I used to love to sit there and let the air hit me square in the face. These are both Model T's but I never saw people "touring" in them. I never saw one like this with the top open but did see them with a cloth top like a carriage. Most of what we saw were those with metal tops and doors. My dad had a Model T Ford truck.

    They all had to be started by a hand crank in front -- you can see them hanging down in front of the license plates. They would break your arm if the car backfired while starting and you still had your hand on the crank.

  3. Hey, it's Rebecca from Ramblings by Reba. I see that you signed my Mister Linky for How I Met My Honey, but I can't find the post. If you'll let me know where it is, I'll go read it.

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  4. It's a really great car,calssic or vintage.


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