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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Memory Box - "The Scam"

This is DD-Ko's story.....

"When I was a Junior in HS (or maybe a sophomore), I had a lunch money scam going on. It didn't start out to be one, contrary to what was thought. Dad would go out to the car and warm it up for me so I didn't have to get in a cold car. (I don't think I ever did thank you, Dad, so Thanks!) Anyway, while he was warming up the car one day, I asked Mom for lunch money - a whopping $1.25 at the time. Mom gave me some and when I got to school, Dad handed me $1.25 for lunch. I didn't say anything, and this continued for several weeks. Finally, one day while the car was warming up, Dad came in and asked Mom - while I was standing right there - for some quarters for my lunch money. Mom told him she didn't have any because she had been giving me lunch money for the last several weeks. Dad looked over at me and said, "So have I!" By this time they were both looking at me, and luckily I remember Dad kinda' laughing. I never got in trouble for it. Whew....."

I can hardly qualify this account with a response. Most of our children ran a scam at one time or another, but they have grown into responsible, honest adults. Most of their enjoyment appeared to have come from trying to get the best of Mom & Dad. Even when I took them grocery shopping, I was at risk. One day I got almost to the checkout stand before I noticed my basket was full of expensive, frivolous items. I might not have noticed until later except the children had gotten very quiet. THAT attracted my attention. They waited with shining eyes and an air of expectancy until I looked down and saw my filled basket, then they all dissolved in laughter.

Is it any wonder they had to be graduating Seniors to before they were allowed to drive themselves to school?


  1. And there's the scam I had where Ko "rented" me some of her clothes. Little did she know that I "paid" with money I had taken from her room. She had so many clothes and lots of loose money on the floor, so she never noticed any was gone.


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