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Friday, May 16, 2008

From the Memory Box - "German Dancing"

"I remember Kr and DS doing German dances. We would go to the restaurant and all do the "Chicken Dance."

The kids had a great HS German teacher who also sponsored a German Dance Group. Kr & DS also danced with a community group that did, mostly, German dances. We had great fun watching them perform at various festivals and, you're right, we could all do the "Chicken Dance" with great fervor.

I LOVE to dance and attempted to join the community group. One practice session had me spinning so much that I walked sideways after we finished, so I gave it up. DS took great delight in doing the polka with me because he so enjoyed seeing me too dizzy to walk a straight line afterward.


  1. Y'all never did the chicken dance for us.

  2. I guess the threat of no new memories is getting you to get back at it? Hope you are enjoying them as I like to read them!

  3. How about a Rubber Chicken dance?


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