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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From the Memory Box - "Weekend Isolation"

"I remember when we used to have stores and sell our junk in our doorways to one another."

That must have been when you were banished to your rooms "until they were cleaned." I would warn you in advance, then begin the sentence on Friday. You were only allowed out to go to church, visit the bathroom, and go to the dinner table. Of course, it backfired on me. All of you stayed in your rooms, quite happily, all weekend. You did not have TVs or radios in your rooms, so you read and hung out by the doors to talk to one another. You exchanged books by sliding them across the hall from one room to the next. Monday morning you went off to school with nary a thing having been accomplished in your rooms.


  1. Thanks for the visit and the lovely comment.

    Lots of vintage memories here in this post of yours.

    Enjoyed the motorcycles picture too!

  2. We were nothing if not creative. Besides, no rules were broken.

    As far as selling stuff, we would take the long cushions off the couch and put them in the doorways of our rooms to hock our wares. One of D's favorites was the "hot bean." He loved to demonstrate it - rub it quickly on a hard surface and then push it on a sister's skin to make it sting. No marks were left, either.

    He also negotiated us down on our prices each and every time.

    And let's not get started on the "banker" at Monopoly....

  3. Ha ha! What great memories!

    When banished to their rooms, my kids also made a vacation out of it. It was so very frustrating! :)


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