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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memory Box - One Wrong Step"

"I remember.....
.....When it was time for me to go register for classes and to tour the Baylor University Campus, Dad was recovering from surgery on his Achilles tendon. Poor Dad hobbled around the campus on crutches and when he returned to the doctor, his incision was green."

DH tore his achilles tendon when he stepped into an elevator without looking (he was waving goodbye to me). The elevator did not properly meet the building floor and he hyperflexed his foot, tearing the tendon. He was in a full leg cast for several weeks, but he managed to do most of the things that he needed to do. Since we had a 2-story house, I served him breakfast in bed and he did everything he could before coming downstairs. The thing he disliked most, was my having to drive him wherever he wanted to go.


  1. And I remember how we tortured him by tickling his toes when he was in the cast. If we stood far enough away, he couldn't catch us.

  2. Your Dad and I used to torture our mom also. When we did something that she didn't like, she would send us down to the creek to cut a 10" (minimum) switch and take all of the leaves off of it except for those at the end and give it to her. She would then chase us around the house while we stayed at least 2' further away than the switch's length.


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