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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Wordless Wednesday" - Paintings from USAF Collection

"Going Home" by Phillip Wertzgerber

"The Pave Hawk and the Pironette" by Melvin S. Brown, Jr

Artist Bill Lacy with his painting
"Welcoming Committee"
(You can't see the little group of penguins on the right.)

"Foundations of Freedom"
Painting depicts Freedom with the American Flag and a B1b Bomber
by David Blair
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Air Force Artists are not compensated monetarily; they donate their work to the USAF collection. These artists are nationally known for their work in various media, but must be juried into the Air Force Art Program before receiving accreditation as an Air Force Artist. The Air Force Art Collection is on permanent display in Washington, D.C., at the Pentagon, the Smithsonian Air Space Museum, and at Major Command Headquarters.


  1. great tribute! the art is quite momentous...happyww

  2. I was fortunate to get to see some of this art in D.C. a couple of years ago. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing these.


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