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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quilt Projects

Attic Windows Quilt (not yet quilted) for Wounded Warriors Project

About 4 years ago, our quilting guild voted to make some quilts for returning military who had been injured during the Iraqi war. Interested persons put in $5.00 each and material was bought. Kits were made from the fabric and each person took home a kit, made the quilt, and returned it. The guild paid for backing and batting, then we quilted and bound them. The first batch was taken to Wlford Hall in San Antonio.

We became a little more sophisticated as time went on. People adopted our project and gave donations to make more quilts. Commercial quilters with long-arm machines donated their time to quilt for us. One woman even approached us to volunteer her efforts and drives over weekly to pick up tops ready for quilting and deliver the finished projects. She adds a little extra to each quilt - perhaps stars quilted into the windows of the Attic Window design or phrases on the borders. Each quilt has become a labor of love to gift our wounded warriors and show our appreciation for their sacrifices.

The women of the guild do not stop there. We make quilts for the Linus Project which are distributed to hospitals, foster care programs, advocacy centers, any place a child might need a touch of love in a special situation. One foster mother I know, receives a quilt with each child who comes into her home. The quilt becomes a special object to remind the child that there is some source of love and continuity in its life.

We make quilts with a touch of femininity for some female military undergoing special treatment. It is our hope the women are inspired to realize that there are sisters who wish to share inspiration, hope, and concern. We offer them a quilt as an embodiment of our desire for their future wellness.

In 2004, we donated 33 quilts. There has been a steady increase to a high of 247 in 2007. To date this year, we have donated 194 and they are still flowing in. I am rather reminded of the Bible story of the talents that were given out and their return counted. We started with donations of $5.00 and have evolved into an ongoing project.

We are proud!


  1. Thanks to all, I'm sure your work is very much appreciated.

  2. These pictures are awesome! What a great work your guild is doing--you have every right to be proud.

  3. You go girl! I have made several for American Hero Quilts--a similar project primarily in Washington state.


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