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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Travels with Ch - Day 9

Our first speakers of the morning were ...SURPRISE!.... Denise and David Hamner, stars of the previous night's show. They did a few magic tricks, but the group opted to ask questions. Most of the questions centered on the birds they use in their act since they refused, in true magician fashion, to reveal any of their secrets. David Hamner did explain the work invoved in designing his own illusions and producing the equipment for them.

The umbrella cockatoo and the macaw are both types of parrots. At one time, the Hamners had 28 birds living in their home. The current birds have individual custom cages and specific diets. Each bird even has a preference about which bird lives next to him. The birds have been hand-raised, mostly by Denise and she spends at least an hour each day caring for them. There is a lot more to caring for one of these birds than most people suspect. They actually form lifelong bonds with their handlers.

The Hamners are lovely, down-to-earth, real people. After talking to the group, they presented each of the kids with a magic trick and autographed pictures for them.

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