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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Travels with Ch - Days 5 & 6

Baby K was not well, so Thursday, I struck off for the St. Louis Science Center with Ch & Li. Li is a born builder and always heads straight for the blocks and toys that connect. Ch preferred the computer games but had to fight his way through the adults to have an opportunity to work on the computers.

They were joined by some other children and all worked cooperatively to build a soft block model of the arch. This one stood longer than any of the others I have seen.

The whole Center, which is free BTW, is geared to children in various stages of development. The older ones can read the instructions and reasoning to get the real story. Best of all, were the volunteers which are occasionally positioned at various areas to assist the children. They encourage and challenge the children who would ordinarily race through the different areas.

Well, maybe best of all are the Science Shows. Energetic young adults share experiments and ideas with the children. We saw presentations on Peeps, Hot & Cold, and, as an added bonus, a demonstration by the summer camp cup speed stacking kids. These were located right by the dinosaurs which, fortunately for us, no longer roar.

We spent 7 hours at the Museum and had two tired little boys that night.

The next day Gordo took the boys to the City Museum (which was not free, but "worth every penny") and gave us two tired boys again.

Maybe next time we will go to Purina Farms.

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