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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Travels with Ch - Day 9 cont'd

The afternoon yielded yet another surprise....... Jim Barber, of the Hamner & Barber Variety
Show that we had attended on the previous night, was our presenter.

Jim has a great personality that had the kids eating out of the palm of his hand in short order. He introduced some of his early puppets and allowed the kids to manipulate them. He gave advice on "throwing your voice," which of course is not really possible, but sound can be produced to make the audience think they are hearing it happen. just another form of illusion.

Most importantly, he demonstrated ventriloquism that did not need all the big-stage trappings. It is really a matter of using your body and your talents. As with all our speakers, Jim exhibited high principles and encouraged the kids to be the very best at whatever they choose to do.

He handed out "google-eyes" and everyone ran around with the eyes propped between their fingers, talking and flapping fingers, while trying not to move their mouths.

We spent the evening at the "Acrobats of China - Shanghai Circus." This was an incredible display of acrobatics by some very young-looking Chinese performers. I found myself holding my breath as they performed contortions my body has never been able to do.

No photos allowed at most of the shows, but I have linked to them for anyone interested.

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