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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Travels with Ch - Day 4

After I did some work in the garden of the House Next Door (Those roses are not going anywhere for anyone!), I took Ch to the Arch. We drove all over town looking for a parking space, but there were non e to be found. Then, luckily, we stumbled on a metered space that was free, but the sign warned there was no parking from 4-6. Not enough time, we thought. I had almost given up when we spied parking specifically for the Arch. I guess the people attending the Cardinals game had not found it.

We had a nice walk through a lovely park to access the Arch. Stopped for a photo which shows the bridge we crossed into Illinois while we were searching for parking. The Mississippi is flooded upstream but not presenting problems here.

We traveled to the top of the Arch in small cars which hold 5 small people comfortably. Not too many people in Missouri are small.

The cars travel to the top of the Arch rather like a Ferris wheel gets around a circle. Our car had no ventilation on the trip up, we fared better on the trip down.

The view from the top is awesome. The day was fairly clear but the windows were hazy from the viewing habits of our predecessors. Don't suppose they get frequent outside washing either.
We had a nice view of the stadium where the Cardinals were playing. Missourians take their baseball seriously and most of the town wears red on game days.

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  1. I remember lots of discussions in various Architectural Magazines as the Arch was proposed and while it was under construction.

    The good thing about the Cardinal fans is that they are very baseball knowledgeable and not just rabid fans as they are in Chicago and other such places.


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