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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Travels with Ch - Day 10

When the ElderHostel info came, I glanced at it then put it aside to go over later. When I finally did get around to reading it more thoroughly, one portion struck fear in my heart and created anxiety for Ch. We were expected to share our "talents" in a talent show for our group. I had thought this tour would be learning about the theater, some behind-the-scenes stuff, and seeing shows. I did not know we were expected to have talent, much less exhibit it. Maybe we are supposed to form groups there and work something up, I thought. On repeated readings, it became quite clear that this was something we would have to do. Not only would Ch have to perform, I was expected to participate as well.

We went with the first thing that popped into my mind, an old song by some long forgotten singer, "We Ain't Got a Barrel of Money." Ch's mom immediately got on the 'net and ordered a CD with the song on it. CH and his brother practiced for days before we left, so he knew it well. What's more, Ch can sing...and carry a tune. I tossed some fabric and Elmer's glue into my suitcase, along with a prized hat bought on a trip to Mexico and destroyed by happy children. I would glue the patches on to our jeans and shirts, iron them on, and later be able to pop them off and wash away the glue in cold water. I wrote a short dialog to follow the song, put freckles on us both with an eyebrow pencil, and we were prepared.

We sang with the CD going in the background, just in case we got in trouble ...with words....or music...or stage fright. All in all, we did o.k. Charlie was great, belting out the song and looking cute.

On top of everything, this was to be critiqued by a real judge, one who auditions real acts. Naturally, everyone in the group was antsy in the beginning. Finally, we all settled down as we got to know one another and we just had fun with it.

The judge was Bill Lennon, one of the 11 Lennon children, ably assisted by his wife, Gail Lennon. His sisters are familiar to my generation since we grew up with them on the Lawrence Welk Show. Bill & Gail are both successful entertainers in their own right.

The critiquing of our acts was genuine but tactful and gentle.
"I'm sorry, I can't say anything about you because I was really watching Ch," Bill told me. That was fine with me. It meant I had done my job.
Three plaques were given to different participants, but we did not receive one. Instead, we received somthing better. Bill stopped by my seat on his way out and told me that Ch should pursue musical theater and he gave me his card. "Keep in touch," he said.
Ch had already elected to go to acting camp all summer at the Palace Theater. He is one happy camper!

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  1. Hey Ch., that's better than any old signed picture wasn't it?


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