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Friday, February 6, 2009

Bedtime Reading

I am keeping the 3 hearts while ABW writes a paper tonight and goes to class tomorrow.
So far, so good. Junior read himself to sleep, Em watched "Ghost Whisperer", and Abs....well, Abs is Abs. She came out about 20 times for different things.

"The glass of water I left on the counter has condensation on it! Do you have any books about Japan?"
I have just returned from a trip to Japan and brought her a pair of tabi socks. I explained how they are worn and told her I have some getas (shoes) with which they are worn.
"Will you get them out?" she asked.
"No," I told her, "it is bedtime and they are tucked away in a chest full of old things."
"Well, can I have a book to read about Japan?"
"I don't have any story books about Japan," I said.
"Oh, I don't mean storybooks," she told me, "I was thinking about a book that would explain the culture and life in Japan."
"Oh, sure," I told her and gave her my guidebook. The last time I peeked in, she was diligently working her way through it.


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