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Monday, February 16, 2009

Odd Shot on Monday - "Picture Worth More Than Words"

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  1. A bath mat... ? Different.

  2. It is like a manhoe cover. I guess it has a water hose for fire fighting. It was on the street in Japan.

  3. How cute and actually makes sense in any language, so universal too.

  4. "Let there be water" - and no fire.

    PS Thank you for the comment - ALWAYS carry a camera (I have a small compact one in my belt)

  5. At first I thought it was some kind of playing card with hockey players on it BUT then I see it is a fire hose andwonder about their gray uniforms. . . my son who is a firefighter wears ugly yellow boots and a coat that has bright yellow reflective tape on it. His hat is also yellow.

    I read your comment on what it really is and found that very odd!

  6. that second guy looks perplexed.
    this is neat.

  7. Hahaha that's funny especially when you need a drink !


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