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Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

I had the pleasure of having Abs and Em staying with me last night. Em is getting to be such a teenager in spite of the fact that time is still 2 years away.
Abs was, as always, Abs. She couldn't go to sleep, kept coming in for a drink of water, another book, to tell me "something," and with a dozen other excuses. I finally got wise and shut her door so there was no light in the room. I don't know whether she just got tired about 10 PM or went to sleep to dream of new ways to turn the world upside down.
Abs was awake about 6:30 this morning, just after I had thought I would sneak out for some quiet time at the computer. She came padding softly in and requested her "caffeine." We had decided she might function better today after a cup of coffee since caffeine is supposed to have a paradoxical effect on some behaviors. I fixed two cups - both with milk and sugar and added hot chocolate mix to her cup since she thought it was too bitter. I made pancakes while we shared our morning coffee - mine to energize me, hers to calm her down - A grandma and an 7 year old having a morning cuppa'. Mine worked better than hers and I was able to keep up with her, more or less, when we went to church.

Her mom hadn't checked Abs' overnight bag so I had to veto the pink, frothy flower girl dress that Abs had stuffed into her small backpack. She planned to top it off with worn tennis shoes that she can't keep tied, so she stuffs the laces in at the sides.
"I don't have any other shoes that match each other," she told me.
"I am sure your Mom doesn't buy them that way," I replied. "Maybe it is because you have no light bulbs in your room so you just can't see your shoes," I told her.
I checked my closets for "clothestofitAbs." The size 14 dress was too large, so we settled on a large size 7. Being small for her age and not too fashion conscious sometimes works in our favor.

I stuck close to Abs at church, reminding her of the "rules" we had agreed on and knowing she was way too flighty today to remember anything so mundane. We have a fellowship time between Sunday School and Church Service. The Girl Scouts who use our facilities had kindly provided us with mounds of delicious GS cookies. Abs got to them before I got to her, adding sugary energy ...and it was only 10:30 AM.

Fortunately, one of our most experienced and loving teachers was in charge of the Children's Moment. Although Abs had plenty to say, this teacher kindly handed her a paper to read, "but not out loud," and managed to get through the lesson before Abs finished the paper. I picked Abs up after Children's Church and had a report from another teacher.
"She was really bouncing off the walls today," this very kind, calm teacher reported.
"I tried to warn everyone ahead of time," I replied.
"Well, she had some more cookies," the teacher said. "I tried to get to her before she ate them, but she managed to eat some anyway." (I heard Teacher's daughter explaining to someone earlier that she could not afford to eat any more cookies or she would be too hyper. She is 11. Maybe there is hope for Abs?)
"Trust me, I know how fast she can be," I replied.
"She had a whole stack of cookies." Teacher indicated the size of the stack by holding her hands about 6 inches apart. "I told her to put them back, but she told me she had licked them. I threw them out." Teacher smiled, "She is obviously not an only child."

Oh, Abs, I really do love you!

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  1. A mile a minute and a new event a second, that's Abs. But she does have an imagination and makes things interesting. Poor Ko!


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