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Monday, February 23, 2009

A Good Day for Abs

It was just Abs and me Saturday night. We went to church Sunday morning and had a very nice day.....mostly.
Abs' behavior was a little contumacious in the morning, but she had calmed considerably before we arrived at church. I always put her hair in hot-rollers because she wants curls "like mommy." There is no way, short of a perm, that she can ever have curls like her mom's, but having some bouncy ones when she looks in the mirror seems to make a little difference in her outlook for the day. The weight of her hair and the humidity of our weather ensures a short half-life.

The curls were particularly short-lived Sunday because Abs got mad. I cannot even recall the reason right now. She stamped her feet,"growled" (because she was too mad to even think of words), and began pulling the hot-rollers out. I tried to reason with her as rollers flew around the room, but Abs would have none of it. So I waited until the rollers were all out and her temper was spent. Then I explained she had pulled so hard that the curls were not as tight and she would lose some of her free time because she would have to pick up all the rollers and transport them back to their case.
"That's not hard," she murmured and proceeded to put the clips on the rollers and gather them up.
There was an extra clip. One roller was missing.
I expected rebellion, but Abs gamely sought the missing roller. Under the sofa we found "Fisher Price little people", a comic book, play dishes from being served restaurant style meals we had to order (interminably), an action figure, and a lost Christmas ball, but no roller. We spent precious time searching for the missing roller until I gave up and let her continue alone. As I walked back to the kitchen, I saw the lost roller in another area.
"So sad we will be late," I pointed out.
It was not a worry for Abs. She was back on a roll.

Since Abs' mom was sick, I kept Abs for the afternoon and made chicken soup for her mom. Abs played contentedly and listened to some old 45's I have. I banned the L-P of "SwissFamily Robinson" after the 2nd time through and we moved on to an American Heritage series L-P that covered the war with Britain in 1814. That one was also banned after the 2nd time. She memorizes these things and we hear them repeated for days. She should be in good shape by the time she gets to a school history class and can already recite all the lessons. Right now she is learning the Gettysburg address because she read it from a decorative tin I had sitting out.

I took Abs home in the late afternoon. I gave her a big hug and told her I had really enjoyed the day and really enjoyed having her with me. She hugged me and said "I really enjoyed spending the day with you, too, Grandma!"
Yes, Abs has some really good days, enough to keep us going.
Hot rollers - $$; lunch at Steak 'n Shake - $10.00, time with Abs - priceless.


  1. We spent Saturday with C8, shopping for clothes and shoes. That girl has a head on her shoulders, she looks for good design at a low cost. After most of the day at several stores, she decided to BOGO some shoes. For fun, she tried on some heals that made her as tall as I am. Growing up fast.

  2. Dropped by to see your odd shot but saw this one also so just had to comment. The story was just precious! Hug that precious little one because they grow up all to fast.


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