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Monday, February 9, 2009

Odd Shot Monday - "Bug Catchers?"

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Could be protecting plants from the January snows. They also do this to capture "bugs" that want to set up housekeeping. The captured can just be tossed away. No, I don't know what is under there.
Grounds of Ninomaru Palace, Kyoto, Japan 2009


  1. Very Odd! I love the dishevelled "hairdos" at the top.

  2. Thanks for visiting... I did a double take myself of that tree through the roof ... and then wished the place had been open .. I so want to see the inside

  3. The tops look like Jr's cowlick.

  4. Odd and intriguing! They look like brooms all stacked up. Did you find out what they really were?

  5. I think they are homes for palace fairies. Thanks for sharing.


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