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Friday, February 6, 2009

Prosperity and..."OW!"

I don't know what it said, but copying the script was supposed to ensure that our wishes would come true and we would have health and prosperity. We both patiently, well more or less patiently, drew over the script on the paper and left it in the proper box.
Covering all your bases for prosperity in today's market? That's a good thing.

Of course, The health part ignored me before we even got out of the Temple. I was so enamored of a beautiful scene that, in rushing over to look, I hit my toe on a raised beam in the middle of the floor. My shoes were off, natch. For 2 days I thought I had broken my toe, but it just hurt like Hades and turned blue all the way up onto the foot. I taped it and still went walking.

I remember breaking my toe several years ago and calling the doctor. She told me I could tape it to the next toe or I could go to her office and she could tape it to the next toe. I saved the price of an office call.
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  1. The last time I stubbed my toe, I also taped it to the adjacent one and continued on our walking although it hurt for several weeks.

  2. Your pictures say 5:42, is that AM or PM?

  3. What my doc did for my broken toe was drill a hole in the nail and stitch it to the toe as a slpint.

    My daughter waws on crutches for a couple weeks with hers.

    I think the tape sounds best.


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