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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

From the Memory Box - "Picky Eater"

I have been catching flak from my girls because I have not been writing about the memories they have collected. They threaten not to give me any more until I write these up. I understand, but sometimes the memories are too intense and need a lot of reflection.
This one , however, is not one of those intense ones. I certainly don't remember it, or maybe it is just so gross that I have blocked it out.

"I remember Ki eating cat food at Thanksgiving Dinner. It was gross, so she came back and managed to find something on the table to eat."
I am happy that I do not remember this incident.
DD-Ki was always a picky eater. I tried everything, but she ate an extremely limited range of foods. When I did not allow her to eat anything other than what I served, she would just not eat. There were no tantrums, no nonsense, she just went to bed hungry. I suffered, so I allowed her to fix herself a peanut butter or ham sandwich, but no junk food. I also began explaining nutritional needs to her. I had been through similar experiences with her siblings, but by not focusing on diet, they were soon eating everything.
When DD-Ki went off to college, she expanded her diet a little. She also ended up with undergraduate and graduate degrees in ....TA DA....Nutrition / Dietetics.
DD-Ki is still not an adventurous eater, but she does eat well. I guess we both learned something from the cat food.


  1. It was one little taste of dry cat food. I didn't like it at all, so went back to eat more bread at the table!

  2. I can understand that streak of independence, it runs in the family.


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