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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm "IT"?

ABW at Army Blogger Wife has tagged me. I am supposed to reveal seven things that most people don't know about me. I have an aversion to revealing personal information, especially over the internet, even though I don't have many, if any, deep, dark secrets. Well, there are some, but I don't tell those to anyone. Hmmmm, guess those could be points 1 & 2.

3. I have four children born on 3 different continents. Guess that information depends on where you were born. Son was born in South America and they are taught that North and South America are one continent, but in the U.S.A. we are taught they are two separate continents.

4. I wish I could just "sit & relax." I need to have busy hands...needlework, reading, crossword puzzle, writing.....don't seem to be able to just "sit."

5. I went to 3 different HS my Senior year. Went to four in all, but really started moving in my Senior Year....Robert E. Lee HS in Baytown, Texas; Kubasaki American Dependent HS in Okinawa; Lompoc Union HS in California.

6. I went to 8 different colleges.....but I DID finally get that elusive degree.... from Texas Woman's University.

7. I love acting and was involved in theater in HS and in Little Theater for several years after HS. When I was a teen, I sent a letter asking to be considered for the role of Anne Frank in an upcoming movie about her life.

Okay, there are, more or less, seven things about me. Now I am supposed to "tag" someone. Since very few people I know blog, I will tag some of the blogs I enjoy....

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  1. Alright. I am cheating (and stealing the answers I posted at Quiet Moments, Busy Lives.

    I am doing my 7 here cuz I'm not a fan of these. But I hate to disappoint.

    1. I've lived in my current house for 5 years. That is the longest I have lived any one place since I left home 17 years ago.

    2. I don't like overhead lighting, especially what I've got in my house. I rarely use it.

    3. I try to eat and use organic products.

    4. I rarely use a hairdryer.

    5. I plan to write the great American novel ... someday.

    6. I have blue eyes.

    7. I don't like mayonnaise.

    Bonus #8 for you. I was born in Santa Maria and lived the first 1.5 years of my life in Lompoc! Go figure.

  2. Thanks for being a good sport. I am not a fan either and will probably disappoint in the future.
    The Buck7 stops here.....

  3. The House Next Door28 September, 2007 20:20

    1. I like being "Anonymous" on here.
    2. I am far more diplomatic than I ever imagined possible.
    3. My favorite dance just might be "The Freddy."
    4. I don't dance well.
    5. I married a man that dances well!
    6. I can dance around issues, though.
    7. My charming 3 year-old son tells a great joke:
    Q: "Why did the chicken cross the towel?"
    A: "Because his feet were wet."

  4. Wow. Small world, it is. Both my adult sons were born in Lompoc... well, Vandenberg's base hospital, anyway. And both graduated from Lompoc HS.


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