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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"One" can be such a lonely number

I am a female traveling alone. Although I am somewhat of a rarity, an increasing number of women are taking advantage of the opportunity to see the world even when no one can accompany them. I believe this number will increase. Of course, there is always the option of tours or going with someone, even if you are not compatible traveling companions, but seeing things on your own has some definite pros and cons. This evening was especially notable.

Maybe I was just tired, picky, vulnerable, or especially conscious of my particular situation. It was not a problem earlier in the day, though, so I take note of it here.

After arriving at my hotel tonight, I was checked in in front of several other people. I believe it would have been better for anyone, but especially a female traveling alone, to have written the information down on a card and handed it to the clerk. Instead, I was asked to give my name, address, phone number, car license plate number & make, in front of several strangers. The clerk then announced my room number and told me the best way to enter. I have stayed in places where I was asked to write the pertinent information and then given my room number in writing and carefully, but tactfully, screened from the view of other guests. It is a small thing, but in view of the way people are disappearing without a trace, it is advisable.

When I went to the AAA recommended restaurant tonight, I was very aware of the treatment I received. i was placed at a large table, alone, in full view of all restaurant guests. I probably shouldn't complain since it was not by the bathroom door or the swinging kitchen door. No one approached me or offered a glass of water for 12 minutes while I sat there. I had decided that after 15 minutes, I would just leave. I would have to suppose that everyone received a hard roll and cold meat, but I was too hungry to complain. I wandered around my, fairly empty, end of the room and procured my own fork and salt shaker rather than get the attention of, or even find, the server. I waited for 5 minutes for my check after I was noticed to have finished. After receiving my check, I waited for another 10 minutes for the waitress, who had time to visit with other guests very congenially, to take my credit card. I finally took it to the register myself.

Yes, I am probably tired, too self-conscious, and a little depressed. The whole situation has made me acutely aware of the problems facing a female traveling alone. Hmmmm, opens up a whole new area of thinking.....

Comments and ideas appreciated. This could well be a series of magazine articles (Thank you M.E.!)


  1. I think you should complain in writing to whom ever. I don't think anyone should have been treated so poorly. An article is in the making!

  2. An additional thought would be to give the manager HELL before you leave.

  3. If I give you ideas for articles, do I get a cut of the profits if any sell?

    I think the hotel Wyndham Gardens "caters" to women traveling alone. Interesting concept.

  4. Maybe if I stayed in higher class establishments, I would be treated better....LOL

  5. I think you are worth a hotel rather than a motel! Just don't stay at Motel 6!

  6. And don't stay at the Sleazy-Inn!

  7. I also hope you didn't tip that waitress!!!!!

  8. I bet she did tip the waitress and probably the standard 20%. Stand up for yourself! You have earned the right to be respected - and to be safe!

    Maybe you need to write a travel guide for women traveling alone - start off with a series of articles...I am sure you would find people that would sympathize as well as utilize whatever info you can provide! Wonder when most women travel alone - is there a season? Travel editors love "Top ten lists" - do a "Top 10 things to remember when traveling alone" ...planning a trip, eating out...or whatever. Lots and lots of possibilities - I think you are on to something that could really develop into a way to pay your way on all the fun trips you want to take!


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