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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Secret Tomato Stash

In the midst of all the beautiful California landscaping here at Uncle Dan's place, there is a tomato plant. Now, everyone knows you can just put a stick in the ground in this State and it will grow, but no one knows from whence this tomato plant came. Nevertheless, Uncle Dan and one neighbor have spotted the plant and reap its harvest at intervals. There is no rivalry about it, although I did pick one lonely one yesterday and immediately devoured the tasty morsel (after washing it of course). Last night the neighbor appeared at the door and presented us with a small bowl of vine-ripened cherry tomatoes.
"Your portion of today's harvest," he announced.
I wonder how many people walk past that plant every day and never take time to notice.

I have been promised a trip to "Tony's" today. Great Mexican food, not Tex-Mex, it is the California version.

Uncle Dan took this photo is of a goup of mariachis at Quail Gardens. "Si", they are living plants!

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  1. You should go to Tony's in St. Louis - I've herad that "the cheesecake is so light it floats to the ceiling!"

  2. Tony's does have a reputation with this family.


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