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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

On the Road....

I am on the road and a rather lonely business it is. I have been passing through areas DH and I traveled, sorting through my memories, and will keep on moving. I just make myself get out and take advantage of the areas I pass through.

The GPS system in the new car is great! I still don't always trust it, but am learning how to use it to my advantage. There is always a learning curve. The good news is that I get about 27 MPG on the road, about 400 miles to a tank, and the traffic has been light.

I am in Pueblo, CO, headed for a visit to the old home family stomping grounds. Have a little more info to look up, then will head over the mountains toward San Jose.

I will be looking for more computers along the way. There was one at the hotel the other night but an elderly gentleman spent the evening and the morning on it. I wonder if he spent the night at the computer?
Hugs to all......


  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your travels. We'll be waiting for your arrival here.

  2. I hope that as you sort through your memories you are able to smile over the good times.

    As Phil F. (not Dr. Phil) would say- Safe Journey.



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